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Non Pressure GRP Piping System



Non Pressure GRP Piping System 




The  COTEO NP GRE Pipe and Fittings  are made of high strength fiberglass and epoxy resin.

These materials provide optimal strength and excellent quality to cater for aggressive working environment, for example, transfer of corrosive media, fluid in high temperature and etc.





Auto-controlled machine manufactures the product on a mandrel in a cross section filament winding process. Continuous glass fibers are wound at a specific helical angle with application of rich epoxy resin.

Comparing to the conventional hand lay piping systems; this process ensures a consistent production of the highest quality.



COTEO NP GRE Piping System combines many advantages in one product.  It is a corrosion free material. Coating, chemical inhibitor, cathodic protection and corrosion allowances are not required.

It ensures low energy losses due to low thermal conductivity; and low friction with smooth inner surface.

With absence of rust particles or corroded substances, service life of the equipment connected to such piping is extended.



PetroChemical/ Power Generation/ Refinery

Marine & Aviation

Agriculture & Fertilizing

Food & Water Processing

Public Utilities

Semi-Con & Wafer Fabrication

Metal Finishing



Water and Wastewater System

Utility Networking

Exhaust System

Secondary Containment

Electrical Conduit Line

Material Handling System


Pipe Size: 80mm - 2000mm

Maximum Working Temperature: 110°C

Standard Length: 3M, 5M and 6M

Manufacturing Standard: PTS, DEP, BS, ASTM, NBS, etc

Joining System: Laminated and Flange

Fitting: Elbow, Tee, Cross, Reducer and Specials


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