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Composite Pressure Piping System 

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With its unique characteristic comparing to others piping materials, Composite Piping System is extensively used in many applications over a long period. Wide range of resins and liners make the CPS an excellent system for various kinds of working environment.

Throughout composite piping system in use, more and more professionals, design engineers as well as system contractors are introducing the CPS to others services and to meet more stringent piping requirements.

Comparing to others piping materials, CPS is lighter in weight, easy to install and maintenance, chemical resistant, low lift cycle cost, rust free and many others. It delivers low molding cost and high flexibility in patterning all kinds of fittings, like concentric reducer, cross tee, transition and other specific combinations.  



The following enlist several current applications using the CPSs:


composite 2


Municipal potable water supply pipe

Municipal pipe for sewege disposal 

Municipal pipe for storm water run-off

Submerged outfall pipe to dispose treated waste into ocean

Petroleum transport pipe (above and below ground)

Chemical process piping to convey hazardous liquids

Transport of natural gas

Oil well casing

Oil field line pipe to dispose of produced acidic water

Transport of coal slurries (water or liquid carbon dioxide)

Transport of slurries of mine tailings and abrasive powder

Tubular beam and truss structures for buildings and bridges

Marine floatation systems used for docks and buoy


COTEO CPSa competent and quality composite piping systems provided by City Thermoplastic Engineering Sdn. Bhd. specific The series of CPSs are giving different method of piping construction, numerous jointing method, wide ranges of pipe sizes and composite materials to satisfy your extreme requirements in today cutting edges technology.

Nominal Diameter (mm)


Nominal Pressure (psi)


Maximum Operating Temperature (˚C)


Standard Length (meters)

3, 5 and 6

COTEO CPS are composite pipe manufacturer to several international standards like ASTM, ASME, AWWA, API, NPS and other recognized specifications and codes.


Apart from composite piping system, we provide other systems like GRP Liner and   Dual Laminate  to suit the specific piping construction and enables better corrosion resistant to a wider range of chemicals or liquids.