Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant

Air Treating Equipments

We manufactures air treatment equipment for factories, laboratories and etc in accordance to the requirements stipulated by the Department of Environment. […]

Cad Work & 3D Modelling

Leave the drawing and drafting to the experts. Our Cad & 3D Modeling services help to streamline your projects while delivering high quality and confidentiality services to you. […]

Composite Pressure Piping System

Composite Pressure Piping System

We provide competent and quality Composite Piping Systems named COTEO CPS which are manufactured to several international standards. […]

Electro­Plating & Metal Finishing Machine

Electro­Plating & Metal Finishing Machine

Over the years, we have been supplying planting machines and even parts and components with added capabilities, new diagostics, reporting capabillities and more. […]

Industrial Piping System

Industrial Piping System

Since 1991, we have involved in the supply and installation of industrial and speciality piping systems with materials castered to your specific applications and preferences. […]

Thermoplastic Piping System

Non­Pressure GRP Piping System

Our COTEO NP GP Piping System combines many advantages into one – low energy losses, low thermal conductivity, low friction with smooth inner surface. […]

Specialty Fabrication

Specialty Fabrication

With years of experience in Composite and Thermoplastic, we are capable of providing consultation and engineering in field of artificial product, clean room furnitures, environmental engineering and industrial fabrication. […]

FRP Chemical Storage Tank

Storage Tank & Vessel

From storage container, to insulated tank, high temperature reaction tank, and other storage equipments, we are the expertise from the analysis to the making of them. […]

About Us

City Thermoplastic Engineering Sdn. Bhd. は1991年にマレーシアにて創業し以来プラスチックを材料とする多岐にわたる機器や部品の製作を手がけてきました。

City Thermoplastic Engineering Sdn. Bhd. は豊富な専門知識と長い経験をもつスタッフを有し顧客の多岐にわたる要望に応じることが出来ます。創立以来多くの大型プロジェクトを手がけてきましたが、更に厳しい顧客の要件を満たすべく常日頃新しい知識や技術の習得に努めております。

そして現在、City Thermoplastic Engineering Sdn. Bhd. は次のような分野での活動が可能です。

  • 排気処理設備
  • 各種分野での配管設備
  • 各種タンク、容器類製作
  • 樹脂系材料による配管設備
  • 電気鍍金、表面処理設備
  • 特殊プラスチック製品
  • CAD、3D図面作成
  • 各種機器設置作業
Contact Us

City Thermoplastic Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

本社/工場 : Lot1, Jalan 7/3, Taman Perindustrian Selesa Jaya
住所 43300 Balakong
Selangor Darul Ehsan
電話 : 603-89617446, 89617448, 89619330, 89619331
ファックス : 603-89610318, 89619332
Eメイル : general@cte.com.my
Website : www.cte.com.my