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Electro-Plating & Metal Finishing Machine

Electro-Plating & Metal Finishing Machine



Without electro-deposition we may have not had today, from small piece of constructing part in aviation engineering to the ability to record, store and read back as many as 20 Gigabits of information per square inch. Metal finishing appeared to present an attractive choice of delivering durability and reliability for today engineering.


With the impressive progress and higher deposition quality requirement, sophisticated plating equipment as well as process technology and engineering have been developed and are being routinely employed.


Composite and Thermoplastic, are an excellent materials extensively used today in constructing plating machine which requires more complicated formulation of solution as well as aggressive chemical. These materials provide wider selection and higher flexibility for plating design and engineering.


City Thermoplastic Engineering Sdn. Bhd. has been completing and supplying many plating machine or even part and component to different customers over the years. Besides, we also upgrade existing plating equipment by adding capacities, integrating more efficient operator workstations, new diagnostics or reporting capabilities.


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